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Holy Week Schedule

Good Friday Service 7 pm
Easter Breakfast 9 am
Easter Service 10:30 am

Come, ye weary, heavy laden,
bruised and broken by the fall
If you tarry ’til you‘re better,
you will never come at all

Making the Most of It

Not for Men

Starting at Home

Living with a Death Sentence

Hide and Seek

The Shadowlands

Don’t Get Carried Away

Transcript As you’re seated I invite you to turn in your bibles to Colossians chapter 2. It’s printed in your worship folder, it’s on the screen behind me. If you don’t own a bible we have some in the back on the sideboard. Pick it up. Take it. Use it to hear of this reality. […]

The Divine Art of Knitting

Living the Cosmic Life

Enemies No Longer